domingo, diciembre 14, 2008

Strike at Budapest Airport: How to face a crisis with incompetence.

Workers in Ferihegy Airport (Budapest) are going on strike since December 10th.

As in many other strikes workers are unfairly damaging innocent passengers. But I also suffered the incompetence of the managers of the airport to face that crisis on December 12th.

No one organised the inmense crowd stucked in the airport lobby before going through security screening. No one gave accurate information. The Hungarian police just stood and stared at the desperate passengers uncapable to move in a huge human mass. The only source of reliable(?) information about my flight was calling home and asking to check airline's webpage.

Finally, after six hour at the terminal I could take off but I lost a connection flight and now I can not claim my money from anybody.

Hungary does not deserve the way some people is "promoting" it.

Geolocated at: Ferihegy Airport Budapest

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Nota: Este blog no ha sido poseído por un virus anglofono. Simplemente he pensado que no venía mal un poco de desahogo en la lengua de Shakespeare para complementar el siguiente post y ayudar a Google a clasificar al aeropuerto.

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  1. The truth is that the airport of Budapest is pathetic, when I went were in the process of inclusion to the European Union and there were two desperate controls, including himself and the Union. Seemed prisoners entered the prisoner.
    It is what has Amio travel, and you use it often you commiserate, is exhausting.

  2. A Copy of this post have been sent to Budapest Airport spokesman Mr. Domokos Szollar. If you have been affected by the strike at Ferihegy and you want to send him your comments about it you can contct him at:

  3. Buaaaaa nomenterodenaaa
    sois muy maaaaaaalos

  4. Sobre la policía hungara tengo bastante mal recuerdo. Estuve el año del eclipse por allí, en coche con matricula de Soria, y me pararon para multarme como veinte veces en una semana. Siempre había infringido alguna regla y siempre la misma cara de corruptos y las risitas y la mordida.
    Pero bueno lo uno por lo otro.